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Here at Legacy Cultured Marble, custom cultured marble is our specialty. It is what has made us successful throughout our 20+ years in existance.

What is cultured marble you may ask?
Cultured Marble is a man made product. It is highly popular in that is easy to maintain and is more weather resistant than real marble. In fact our custom made cultured marble is 100% water proof and lasts longer than regular marble.

How its made
Your standard bathroom is made of tile and grout which over time can cause many problems from loose tiles falling off the wall to extensive unseen water damage to your walls or foundation. Cultured marble on the other hand eliminates most of these problems. By using one solid piece of molded material to cover an entire bathroom wall we can reduce the number of seams/seals and therefore making your entire bathroom leak proof.

Benefits of cultured marble:
1. Waterproof
2. Gel coat finish is impervious to bacteria
3. Resistant to staining
4. Seamless joints
5. Brilliant high gloss finish

Each Cultured marble product is carefully crafted by combining natural crushed stone with non-porous resins and sealed with clear gel coat finish.
By using cast polymers we can achieve the beauty of natural marble with ease and care free maintenance of cultured marble which is water proof.

What is it used for?
Cultured marble is highly customizable, and can be used for a wide variety of products. It is commonly used in bathroom installations. Here at Legacy Cultured Marble, we specialize in custom cultured marble sinks, custom counter tops, as well as custom vanities and custom culture marble tubs. Our products come in a variety of sizes as well as colors and can be customized to fit any specific requirements for custom bathroom jobs.

Need more info, if so, please contact us by giving us a call at (510) 791-1285.
We proudly service the South Bay, San Jose, New Wark, Fremont, and Greater Bay Area